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"Outdoor hydraulic bypass injection solutions with Dosatron."

Frank Toves | Irrigation Design and Construction -

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"If our etch and fountain solutions aren’t precisely mixed, my press room staff struggles. With Dosatron, hundreds of variables are wiped out by a single piece of equipment, so our mix is reliably precise. I can’t say enough good things about Dosatron!"

Bob Davis | Roberts Printing | Clearwater, FL

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"Chemistry is a critical and important part of our process. Our Dosatron Pumps have a lengthy track record of consistent and reliable performance."

Monty Rast | Color Point | Granville, IL 

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"Dosatron chemical injectors provide customer satisfaction with their hassle-free operation and consistency. Dosatron's accurate injection has saved us 25 - 30% on polishes and I'm not dealing with plugged orifices."

Bill Proestler | Kube-Pak | Allentown, NJ

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"The DM11F Diaphragm provided excellent results . . . and will pump on baby chicks at day one. This is the best medicator I have ever used."

Linda Sparks | Sparks Poultry | Huntsville, AR -

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"I've been using the DM11F Diaphragm injector for about a year, and it works great, even on day-old chicks. And I can keep on using it, throughout the birds' entire life cycle. I've used other injectors, but the DM11F is the best one I've tried."

Jerry Garrett | Garrett Farms | Winder, GA -

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"I've been using Dosatron for over 10 years, and I'm very happy with their product. I've tried other fertilize injectors, but Dosatrons just work better. That's why I'm a loyal customer!"

Harold Witzke | Witzke Greenhouses | Courtice, ON, Canada

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"Dosatron makes a difference with our extraordinary plant material."

Evelyn and Mary Weidner | Weidners Gardens | Encinitas, CA

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"So fresh and clean. Just want to take the time to thank Dosatron. Your product support is amazing!"

Hydroponics Inc.

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"Click clack all day, every day!"

Smokey Point Productions

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"This is how the Dosatrons we use work: driven by water pressure and not by electricity, this feeding system will continue to operate even during blackouts. The system is easy to install and removes all the reservoir work from growing, freeing your time to be able to focus on your plants more personally. It also allows for you to dial in better and be able to rule out contaminated resi factors, in the event of an issue, narrowing down your process of eliminations. Thank you, Chris, for lifesaving equipment and personal guidance installing — worth every dollar and some!"

Mutant Genetics

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"Big thanks to Chris at Dosatron for coming through and training. The manifold in this room supplies two rooms and allows you to choose from up to three feed regimens that are controlled by three different Dosatron panels."

Smoke and Mirrors

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"Dosatron is one of Mister Car Wash's preferred dispensing pumps of choice with over 1,000 units in operation throughout our 105 plus locations nationwide. It allows us the variability to dilute our chemistry up to a ratio of 1500:1."

Dave Hail | Mister Car Wash | Tucson, AZ

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"Dosatron injectors are simple, consistent and dependable, but what really sealed the deal was the excellent after-sales support. Ever since our first purchase, Dosatron has been on-site several times to train our lead personnel. Thanks to Dosatron's expertise, we've been able to reduce chemical and water consumption, which helped our bottom line."

Ron Pickett | CARisma Wash | Houston, TX

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"Just a note to let you know how satisfied I am with the performance of all the Dosatron pumps I am using. I have over 30 in operation right now and they need little or no attention at all."

Scott Bartlett | Scrub-A-Dub Car Wash 

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"I used Dosatrons at our first carwash and liked them. For the second wash I tried Hydraflex but it was too unreliable, complex, and expensive! I went back to Dosatrons for our third carwash and I am very pleased with the cost, reliability, and ease of use."

John Agnew | Breeze Thru Car Wash

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"I just felt compelled to tell you that every time I speak to anyone at Dosatron, I'm impressed at how well everyone knows their product lines, part descriptions, and numbers, along with technical details."

Frank | Service Smoked Fish | Williamsburg, Brooklyn -

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"Great machines with great success. Dosatron just keeps on going!"

Bill Swanekamp | Kube-Pak | Allentown, NJ

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"Portable, versatile, and dependable... our Dosatron injectors keep our crops looking good!"

Henry Huntington | Pleasant View Gardens | Loudon, NH

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"Dosatron is perfect for drip line fertilization. Best of all, it's water-powered, so it's sustainable AND saves us time and money!"

Hunter's Moon Farm | Oak Harbor, WA

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"For more than 15 years I have installed Dosatron fertilizer injectors in every new greenhouse location. They're accurate, reliable, and simple to operate!"

Gene Batson | Batson's Greenhouse | Mount Dora, FL

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"Essential for keeping plants fresh in our retail stores; that's why we have 42 Dosatrons!"

James Russell | Armstrong Garden Centers | Chino, CA

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"We have been using Dosatron fertilizer injectors proudly for over 20 years. They are easy to use, simple to maintain, and no one can match their service!"

Gus and Chad Corso | Corso Flower & Garden Center | Sandusky, OH