Chemical Dosing System for Food Safety & Sanitation

Dosatron's chemical metering pumps are the perfect solution to meet stringent sanitation standards from restaurants to food processing plants.

A Dosatron Chemical Dosing System is a water-powered dosing system that adds chemicals to water in a precise and accurate manner. Reliable and cost-effective way to ensure food safety and sanitation.

The system works by using the pressure of the water to drive a piston that pushes the chemical out of the injector. The injector doses the right amount of chemical calibrated to the specific chemical and flow rate.

Chemical Dosing System for Food Safety ApplicationDosatron chemical dosing systems are easy to install and maintain. They do not require electricity, which makes them a more reliable option than electric dosing systems. They run on the water already used in the sanitation process. They are easy to adjust, allowing you to fine-tune your chemical mixture for improved results and reduced waste.

Dosatron metering pumps also meet the highest standards for safety and quality and are the ideal solution for meeting the strict sanitary standards of pharmaceutical food processing plants.

Customers use Dosatron pumps in a wide range of food safety and sanitation applications, including:

  • Water treatment: to add chemicals to industrial water for water treatment purposes, such as disinfection, chlorination, and pH adjustment.
  • Food processing: to add chemicals to water for food processing purposes, such as cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing.

The adaptable nature of Dosatron chemical injectors extends to diverse applications such as agricultural operations, commercial cleaning, and industrial processes. Their role in minimizing waste, increasing efficiency, and maximizing results positions them as a critical asset in the pursuit of both economic and environmental improvements.

The Dosatron system emerges as a pragmatic answer to the escalating need for heightened food safety. Its water-powered mechanism, combined with accurate chemical dosing, aligns perfectly with modern consumers' insistence on stringent safety measures.

As the food industry adapts to this evolving landscape, Dosatron's technology empowers businesses to not just meet but exceed these new expectations.

“When it must be clean, it must be Dosatron”

For food processing plants and other industrial spaces that must meet stringent sanitation standards, reliable chemical dispensing is a must. That’s why our chemical dosing pumps are the perfect solution for all your sanitation needs.

Chemical Dosing System for Food Safety Application 2

Consumer trends in food safety

As consumers become more discerning about the products they choose, the demand for stringent food safety practices has surged. Dosatron Chemical metering Injectors stand at the forefront of this shift. Our systems offer a cutting-edge way to ensure food safety and sanitation.

Adopting Dosatron Chemical Dosing Systems is an investment in the long term. These injectors reduce wastage by accurately dosing the required amount of chemicals, preventing overuse or underuse.

This efficiency translates to cost savings and reduced environmental impact - an essential consideration in today's environmentally conscious landscape.

In an era of heightened food safety concerns, Dosatron Chemical Injectors emerge as a necessity for businesses aiming to meet consumer expectations, enhance their brand reputation, and navigate stringent regulatory requirements.

By adopting Dosatron's advanced technology, businesses are not only ensuring the safety of their products but also securing their place in a competitive market where food safety is paramount.

Consistent clean, you can count on!

In addition to their reliability and accuracy, Dosatron chemical injectors also offer a number of other benefits, including:

Consistent chemical mixture

Dosatron chemical injectors automatically compensate for changes in water pressure or flow, which ensures that the chemical mixture remains consistent. This is important for food safety and sanitation, as it ensures that the system uses the correct amount of chemicals to clean and sanitize surfaces.

Energy efficiency

Dosatron chemical injectors are water-powered, which means that they do not require electricity to operate. This can save businesses money on their energy bills and help achieve overall goals.

Fewer chemicals

Dosatron chemical injectors are accurate and precise, which means that they only dispense the amount of chemical required. This can save businesses money on chemicals and minimize waste.

Time savings

Dosatron chemical injectors are easy to adjust, install, and maintain. This can save businesses time and money. With their straightforward adjustment, installation, and maintenance processes, Dosatron injectors significantly cut down the time required for setup and upkeep. This streamlined approach translates to immediate benefits and efficiency.

Application in multiple industries

Dosatron chemical injectors offer a powerful solution for maintaining food safety and ensuring sanitation in various settings. The accurate and precise injection of chemicals, of Dosatron's water-powered proportioning system, proves invaluable in upholding high standards of hygiene.

Whether in food processing or commercial cleaning environments, Dosatron chemical injectors contribute to safeguarding products, equipment, and facilities from harmful bacteria and contaminants.

By effectively delivering disinfectants, sanitizers, foaming cleaners, chlorinated alkaline agents, and conveyor lubricants, Dosatron supports businesses in their pursuit of optimal food safety practices and sanitation protocols.

With these injectors in place, companies can confidently provide consumers with products that meet stringent quality and safety standards while maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. In addition to our large line of individual injectors, we also offer secure, pre-plumbed custom cabinet and panel systems to simplify installation and maintenance.

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What do Dosatron Chemical Injectors Accurately Inject?

Here is a more detailed overview of each of the chemicals that Dosatron chemical injectors can accurately inject.

Peracetic acid

Peracetic acid is a powerful disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses, and other harmful agents. Often used in food processing settings to sanitize surfaces and equipment.


Sanitizers are chemicals that kill bacteria and other harmful agents. Plants use them in food processing and commercial cleaning applications. Foaming cleaners are a type of detergent that creates a foamy solution. This makes them ideal for cleaning surfaces and equipment that are difficult to reach, such as ceilings and walls.

Chlorinated alkaline

Chlorinated alkaline is a type of cleaning agent that removes dirt, grime, and grease. Often used in industrial settings to clean floors, machinery, and other surfaces.

Conveyor/chain lubricants

Conveyor/chain lubricants lubricate conveyor belts and chains. This helps to prevent them from corroding and wearing out.

Floor scrubber and fill stations

Floor scrubber and fill stations serve to clean and sanitize floors. Hospitals, schools, restaurants, and other commercial businesses use them frequently.

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