Mega-Flo Is HERE! The D400 Series.

Welcoming the Mega-Flo: D400 Series

The D400 is part of the Mega-Flo Series and uses self-compensating diversion technology.

It's the perfect solution for berry growers, hemp fields, or large acreage applications and is compatible with multiple chemicals such as nutrients, additives, and acids. The D400 Series is easy to set up with no programming necessary, just set your injection rate and turn on the water. 

  • 1:30,000 – 1:200 Ratio Range
  • 110 up to 400 GPM Flow
  • Expandable to 1200 GPM
  • Water-Powered
  • Volumetric

Get Mega-Flo by installing the D400 in parallel for flow rates up to 1200 GPM or in series for simultaneous dosing of three individual solutions at different dilution rates! It includes a high-performance piston, and there are no Venturi tips to clog. The D400 low injection rates allow for direct injection of undiluted products, and with rates up to 1:200, it is ideal for standard applications.

Find out more about this exciting new Mega-Flo series by calling 1-800-523-8499 or click here for more information.