Innovative Design — Flexible Turn-Key System

Innovative Design: The Flexible Turn-Key System

Post-Harvest Equipment Solutions

Kirk Mugler, the Regional Sales & Service Manager at DECCO US Post Harvest Inc., needed an equipment solution to administer Peracetic Acid (PAA) for a customer applying PAA post-harvest on fruits and vegetables. Being inventive, Kirk went out to his shed and started to build a prototype out of scrap metal that was lying around. Once the prototype was tested, Kirk had the stand molded, with a grated floor, used food-grade stainless steel, and added a containment chain for a safe installation.

His innovative design ended up being a flexible turn-key system for his customers. The Dosa-Station, as he calls it, can be plumbed to fit a customer's specifications and includes a Dosatron D14 chemical injector. 

Do you have a story about using a Dosatron product to develop a new way to dispense chemicals? If so, let us know. And send pictures!

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Thank you, Kirk, for going that extra mile for your customers!


Kirk Mugler
DECCO US Post Harvest Inc.
Regional Sales & Service Manager