Dosatron Maintenance Is Quick and Easy! Just Use Our Kits.

No need to send in your Dosatron for maintenance.

Just choose the kit that meets your needs:

•  Mini Maintenance Kit

•  Seal Kit

•  Rebuild Kit

Quick Maintenance Kit Use

The Mini Maintenance Kits are perfect, and economical, for Dosatron users and growers who perform maintenance on a regular schedule. They include the recommended maintenance parts along with Dosa-Lube for lubricating your static seals and o-rings.

Maintenance kits for easy upkeep

For yearly maintenance, order a seal kit for you specific Dosatron to keep it in tip-top shape. It includes all the parts recommended for annual maintenance, and no tools are necessary.

Extend the life of your Dosatron with one of our Rebuild Kits. The kits include two parts:

•  Part 1 – Piston Kit

•  Part 2 – Seal Kit

•  Plus complete instructions

Whichever kit you need to perform maintenance, we have you covered. Plus, Dosatron has videos that provide step-by-step instructions. Need more information, give our customer service team a call at 1-800-523-8499 today to order or CHAT at