"Control Should Not Be Complicated!"

Simplicity Meets Efficiency: Our Control Solutions

We recently took a visit to Octopus Car Wash - a new car wash in Winter Springs, FL. And let me tell you, we were left impressed by what we saw!

According to their website, the company’s goal is to provide a clean, fast car wash using environmentally friendly products at a reasonable price. However, innovators and owners Sherman Williams and Pat Secord took it a few steps beyond the average carwash experience. From the colorful foam to the fun car projections, and the unexpectedly quiet systems operations at 70 decibels or lower, Octopus Car Wash made a routine task feel like an exhilarating experience. Their backroom did not disappoint either. No time-consuming Venturi tips and no tangled tubes – just a clean and simple setup for clean, dry and shiny cars.


The Dosatron Vehicle Wash System is a work-horse at Octopus Express. Powered by water, the streamlined installation saves space, is simple to maintain, and helps to cut your cost-per-car. NO TIPS to change or unclog, and no more wasting time and money.

It’s easy to train your employees on how to set up the Dosatron chemical injectors, allowing you less time worrying about the equipment and more time providing your customers with the best car wash possible. Like Pat Secord says, “control shouldn’t be complicated!”

Simple control mechanisms at Dosatron

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