D14MZ Chemical Dispenser: Accurate & Consistent Dosing

If you are looking for a high quality, durable chemical dispenser with precise, consistent dosing, the D14MZ Chemical Dispenser is the perfect choice for you

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Why Choose the Dosatron D14MZ?

The most precise and consistent chemical dispenser on the market.

It delivers the exact amount of chemical you need, every time, ensuring that your water quality is always perfect. This is because the dosing pump uses a passive volumetric dosing system, which means that it is driven by the water flow itself. This makes it very precise and consistent, as the amount of chemical dispensed is directly proportional to the amount of water flowing through the pump.

Whether for water treatment, agriculture, or industrial applications, Dosatron’s unwavering accuracy ensures reliable results even in dynamical conditions.

A Durable and Long-Lasting Chemical Dispenser

It is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the harshest environments. The Dosatron is made from high-performance plastics, which are both resistant to corrosion and wear. It is also designed to be very compact and lightweight, making it easy to install and maintain.

With routine maintenance made straightforward, businesses can sustain peak performance without the need for specialized training.

An Easy-to-Install and Maintain Chemical Dispenser

You can have it up and running in minutes, with no special tools or training required. The Dosatron comes with a simple installation guide that walks you through the process step-by-step whether you choose to install it on a boom, cart, or have it seamlessly plumbed into your existing system.

Once the pump is installed, its streamlined design minimizes the need for extensive maintenance. This user-friendly approach not only reduces functional downtime but also optimizes your resources for maximum efficiency.

An Affordable Chemical Dispenser

It costs less than other high-quality chemical dispensers on the market. The Dosatron is a great value for the price, as it offers a high level of precision, durability, and ease of use.

By offering precision dosing, the Dosatron D14MZ Chemical Dispenser helps avoid wastage and overuse of chemicals, translating into further cost savings over time. Its durable construction ensures longevity, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance expenses. 

A Leader in Dosing Technology

The Dosatron D14MZ Chemical Dispenser isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer for industries that rely on precise chemical dosing. Its passive volumetric dosing system sets a new standard for accuracy, ensuring that the right chemical amount is consistently delivered alongside the water flow.

This reliable and meticulous approach not only guarantees optimal water quality but also streamlines processes for businesses seeking efficiency without compromising on quality.

The Dosatron D14MZ Chemical Dispenser introduces a level of reliability in chemical dosing technology. It operates using water power, a departure from traditional energy sources. By harnessing water's inherent energy, the D14MZ ensures precise dosing while promoting sustainable operations that align with modern eco-friendly practices.