Fertilizer injector pumps - Water flow up to 3m3/h

The Dosatron D3GL fertilizer injector range is the latest generation of volumetric water proportional dosing pumps.
These injectors are the result of 30 years of international experience in fertigation in greenhouses, nurseries and scientific sites, as well as in gardens, sports fields and landscaping.
The D3GL combines and exceeds the best of Dosatron's technology and know-how.

An innovative technoloy for better performance

  • Better performance Maximum water flow increased to 3 m3/h, without increasing the frequency of the cycles or pressure loss, and while keeping the minimum flow of 10 l/h.
  • Accurate, progressive and supple dosing rate setting from 0.2 to 10 % (concentrated additive injection from 0.02 to 300 Liters per hour) depending on the model.
  • Larger capacity for suction of viscous products (powders in solution or liquids).
fertilizer injector pump operating principle

How do our fertilizer injector pumps work?

Set up on the water network, the metering pump uses water pressure as the only driving force.
When activated, it sucks in the concentrated product, doses it to the desired percentage, then mixes it with the driving water. The solution is then sent downstream.
The dose of product injected is always proportional to the volume of water flowing through the pump, regardless of variations in flow rate or system pressure.

The dosage is adjusted by matching the top of the adjustment ring to the desired scale on the scale. The amount of product injected is proportional to the amount of water entering the dosing pump.

What is the best way to install my D3GL fertilizer injector pump?

The dosing pump can be connected to the main water line directly or on a by-pass (recommended).

To prolong the working life of the injector it is advisable to install a filter (ex.: 300 mesh - 60 microns depending on your water quality) upstream.
This is imperative if the water contains impurities or particles, especially if the water comes from a well.
A filter is recommended and required for the warranty to be valid.

Setting up the D3GL fertigation pump on a bypass enables clean water to be supplied without operating the injector.

Do not put the suction tube strainer on the bottom of the stock solution container. The strainer must be suspended at least 10cm [4”] above the bottom of the tank to avoid sucking up the insoluble particles that may damage the injection assembly 

D3GL fertilizer injector pump installation