Poultry Farming

For more than 45 years, DOSATRON has contributed to improving the zootechnical performance of livestock farms by guaranteeing the control of the dosage of various vaccines, antibiotic treatments (Curative, Metaphylactic), anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, organic acids, essential oils, probiotics, supplements or concentrated biocides administered via drinking water.

Our response to your needs is the result of regular collaboration with many farms, laboratories and specialized institutes, equipment manufacturers and installers and specialists in water treatment or biosecurity.

With our partners, we also provide numerous technical seminars on good practices around the world and the development of specialized tools (calculation tools, connected dosing pumps and treatment management software, after-sales service videos, etc.) for farmers, technicians and veterinarians.

Drinking water treatment has long proven its flexibility, speed, safety and efficiency. The current evolution of antibiotic legislation, the continuous improvement of the solubility of treatments (oral powders), the ease of administration of certain vaccines via drinking water, the development of new supplements and additives (organic acids, pro-biotics, essential oils, minerals, etc.) and the growing diversity of products intended for water disinfection and hygiene are evidence of the renewal in favour of this technique.


  • Vaccination via drinking water
  • Medication via drinking water
  • Acidification of drinking water
  • Sanitation of pipelines
  • Potabilization of drinking water
  • Vehicle decontamination
  • Food manufacturing