Since 1974, Dosatron has been helping to improve the performance of your pig farm.

Overview of the main applications - Pig Breeding

Below is a schematic overview of the main uses of Dosatron in pig breeding. Dosatron applications in pig breeding

Dosatron applications in pig breeding

(1) Medication

(2) Vaccination

(3) Acidification

(4) Supplementation

(5) Sanitation

(6) Water disinfection

(7) Fogging systems

(8) Vehicle disinfection

(9) Feed production

Since 1974, Dosatron has been helping to improve the performance of your pig farm by allowing you to control the dosing of:

  • vaccinations,
  • antibiotic treatments (curative or metaphylactic),
  • wormers, painkillers, anti-inflammatories,
  • zootechnical additives (organic acids, essential oils, probiotics, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes etc.),
  • biocide treatments for the biosecurity of your farm (water system sanitation, drinking water disinfection, vehicles decontamination)

Treatment via drinking water is a tried and tested method in terms of flexibility, speed, safety and efficiency.

The technique is becoming increasingly popular, as shown by a number of different factors:

  • Current developments in practice & legislation, including restrictions on antibiotics that are critical to human health,
  • The sharp decrease or discontinuation of medication via feed, with a ban on preventive / prophylactic treatments in Europe, which are mainly administered via animal feed,
  • Continuous improvement in treatment solubility (oral powders),
  • The development of vaccinations that can be administered to pigs via their drinking water (Ileites, Salmonella, E. Coli, Erysipelas, etc.),
  • The development of new zootechnical additives (organic acids, probiotics, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, etc.),
  • The ever-expanding range of products available for water disinfection and hygiene.

We work closely with a large number of farms, pharmaceutical laboratories, institutes and equipment manufacturers/installers in order to meet all your needs. We also work closely with partners from all over the world to hold regular seminars and develop specialised tools.

Discover all the applications of the pig breeding sector.

Technical information

To meet all of your specific needs, DOSATRON offers a wide range of specialised proportional dosing pumps with water flow rates from 4.5 l/h to 20,000 l/h, water pressures from 0.15 to 10 Bar, dosing rates from 0.03% (300 ppm) to 25% and a whole range of other options.

We offer dosing pumps and installations to suit all types of production, according to:

  • the barn layout,
  • your animals' water consumption (number, weight, minimum & maximum flow rates),
  • the available water pressure,
  • water quality issues (minerals) your treatments, zootechnical additives and biocides, as well as their solubility and/or aggressiveness.
  • your needs in terms of consistent dosing (water + treatment or vaccination) to avoid variations from one drinker to another (as animals only drink at random points for a few minutes per day).

Dosatron has developed piston and diaphragm motor technologies with various seal and material options, food contact and drinking water certified pumps and a new SmartDosing+ connected dosing pump system with SmartLink+ software to ensure safety, live monitoring, recording and analysis of treatment or vaccination via drinking water.

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