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Drinking water treatment


An estimated 2.6 billion people lack adequate access to safe drinking water.

The production of drinking water for small communities that do not wish to use chlorine gas, for rural areas or for water supply in emergency situations requires reliable equipment adapted to sometimes extreme conditions. These facilities must meet current health standards and ensure continuity of service to the population.

Installed directly on the water supply line, the DOSATRON dosing pump works with the water in your network as the only source of energy.

  • The pressure and flow of water drives the engine piston, which is itself connected to a metering piston.
  • Chlorine or other disinfection chemicals are proportionally dosed and continuously injected with water at the chosen dosage.

The dose of concentrated product is directly proportional to the volume of water flowing through the DOSATRON, regardless of variations in the flow rate and pressure of the water supply to the network.

Self-priming up to 4 metres, DOSATRON pumps are suitable for degassing products, they guarantee the homogeneity of the dilution. They allow direct reading and easy adjustment of the dosage value. This historical concept developed in 1974 is now available for the first time with the ACS and NSF sanitary conformity certification for certain products in the Water Line.

Finally, this technology is easy to implement and ensures low operating and maintenance costs.