D14MZ-D Series: Car Wash Dispensers to Cut Cost-Per-Car

Dosatron Car Wash Dispensers help you optimize your business by providing a superior service while driving down your cost-per-car

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The D14MZ-D series is perfect for injecting presoaks, detergents, polishes, waxes, bug remover and drying agents in vehicle wash applications. Dosatron car wash dispensers compensate for flow and pressure changes while providing consistent, repeatable results.

Choosing the Right Car Wash Dispenser Unit

The D14MZ-D series is built for pressure up to 85 psi and flow up to 14 GPM and features a wide dilution range.
Check out the models below to identify a unit that suits your specific requirements:

The Key to an Efficient Wash

Unlike a soap dispenser, Dosatron car wash dispensers use water pressure to power a hydraulic piston, which injects the precise amount of vehicle care product. Simply connect the dispenser to your water supply and chemical reservoir, then set the desired dilution ratio. The car wash dispenser will do the rest, automatically dispensing the correct amount of product for each vehicle.

Dosatron offers:

  • Precision: You never have to worry about over- or under-applying.
  • Efficiency: Dosatron allows you to adjust the flow to optimize both your chemical and water usage.
  • Reliability: The metal-free piston is corrosion resistant regardless of high or low pH.

Set It and Forget It

With Dosatron car wash dispensers, there is no need to deal with Venturi tips. The frustration of being between tip sizes and clogged tips is over. Dosatrons have a large chemical well that adjusts to what you need and will never clog.

No electricity needed because Dosatron technology is powered by the city or boosted water pressure. That means that even if your booster pump fails, your car wash dispensers will continue to work off city pressure.

TThe Dosatron mixed chemical discharge is plumbed directly to the arch or foamer, so there is no need for air diaphragm pumps that freeze up on your busiest days. The metal-free piston is corrosion resistant regardless of high or low pH. And the space-saving design paired with direct on-demand mixing eliminates mixed chemical tanks and mixed chemical pumps.

How Does It Work?

In three simple steps, Dosatron car wash dispensers accurately inject your product into water:

  1. When water enters the injector, it triggers the hydraulic piston, which begins moving up and down inside the body of the Dosatron.
  2. As it strokes, the Dosatron draws fluid up from the concentrate tank in an action like a hypodermic syringe.
  3. The concentrate is displaced into the mixing chamber, where it is combined with the incoming water flowing through the unit.

The result is a blended solution discharged into the water line.

Dosatron Car Wash Dispenser Add-ons

We also recommend a few accessories for your Dosatron car wash dispenser:

  • Filter (Part AKF5AP11T): T-Type, 200 Mesh/80 Micron filter, 3/4” FNPT, polypropylene, industrial grade.
  • Check Valve (Part CV34-PH): 3/4” check valve allows flow to go in one direction.
  • Solenoid Valve (Part SV034P-24-G): 3/4” chemical resistant solenoid valve, molded single piece. Polypropylene. Available in 24V or 120V.
  • Pressure Regulator (Part PR34-NPT): 3/4” NPT low-lead brass body with durable stainless-steel gauge and 1/8” brass threads. 
  • Pro HM Digital EC Meter (Buy part COM-100): Easily measures conductivity, TDS, and temperature of water.
  • EC Calibration Solution (Part CP-1000): Ready-to-use, individual liquid packets for optimized calibration.
  • Pro HM Digital pH Meter (Part PH-200): Easily measures pH and temperature of water.
  • pH Calibration Solution (Part PH-P7): Makes calibration easy with ready-to-use pH liquid packets.
  • pH Storage Solution (Part PH-STOR): Keeps probe balanced, contains fungicide, and helps probe last longer.
  • Dosa-Lock Lockout Device (Part Dosa-Lock): Protects unauthorized access to your Dosatron settings. Made of high impact strength polypropylene.