D14WL Low Flow Chlorinator: Keep Drinking Water Safe

The Dosatron D14WL is a low flow chlorinator that is ideal for drinking water treatment

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It can be used to maintain a consistent level of chlorine in the water, regardless of the water flow. The D14WL is a non-electric dosing pump that is powered by the water pressure in the line. This makes it a safe and reliable option for drinking water treatment.

Dosatron D14WL Dosing Pumps have obtained the NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certification: Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects NSF (American approval for all equipment in contact with water intended for human consumption). NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certification is verified by a third party and serves as an indication that a product is not only safe, but also suitable for installation within a potable water system that is intended for public use or consumption.

Unlike traditional chlorinators, which might be optimized for higher water flows, a low flow chlorinator is tailored to scenarios where water moves at a slower pace. This makes the D14WL particularly suitable for applications such as residential water systems, small-scale water treatment plants, and certain industrial processes where water flow rates are modest.

When water enters the unit, a hydraulic motor moves up and down. This action draws a concentrated chlorine solution into the water line. The D14WL uses volumetric proportioning to keep the chlorine mixture consistent, no matter the changes in pressure. This means the treated water always has the same chlorine levels, regardless of variations in the water system.

Low Flow Chlorinator - Features

Non-electric pump powered by water pressure

The D14WL is powered by water pressure, which means that it does not require any electricity to operate. This makes it a safe and reliable choice for water treatment, even in areas with frequent power outages. The absence of electrical components also means fewer potential risks associated with electric-powered devices. Read more about the technology.

Proportional dosing ensures a consistent level of chlorine in the water

Our Low Flow Chlorinator uses a proportional dosing system to ensure that a consistent level of chlorine is added to the water, regardless of the water flow. This helps to keep your drinking water safe and clean, even when the water flow is high.

Easy to install and maintain

The D14WL chlorinator is easy to install and maintain. It can be installed in any water line with a shut-off valve.

The D14WL chlorinator emerges as a comprehensive solution that excels in reliability, precision, and efficiency. From its non-electric operation to its proportional dosing system, the D14WL is designed to enhance the safety and quality of the water you consume. With the D14WL, you're not just ensuring clean water; you're also promoting responsible resource management.

Low Flow Chlorinator - Benefits

Keeps your drinking water clean and safe

The D14WL chlorinator helps to keep your drinking water clean and safe by killing harmful bacteria and viruses. This is important for protecting your health and the health of your family.

Protects you from harmful bacteria and viruses

The D14WL chlorinator helps to protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses by killing them in the water before they reach your faucet. This is especially important for people who have compromised immune systems, such as young children and the elderly.

Saves you money on chemicals

The D14WL chlorinator can save you money on chemicals by using a more efficient dosing system. This means that you will need to use less chlorine to keep your water clean and safe.

Reduces environmental impact

The D14WL chlorinator contributes to environmental stewardship. By optimizing chlorine dosing through its efficient system, it minimizes the need for excessive chemical and energy usage. This reduction in consumption not only saves you money but also translates into a decreased environmental footprint.

Promotes healthier water systems

In addition to its direct benefits for individual consumers, the Dosatron D14WL Low Flow Chlorinator contributes to the overall well-being of communities. By consistently maintaining the safety and quality of drinking water, this chlorinator helps prevent waterborne diseases from spreading through public water systems.

Low Flow Chlorinator - Specifications

  • Flow rate: 0.05 - 14 GPM (0.19 - 50 LPM)
  • Chlorine injection rate: 0.03 - 2%
  • Operating water pressure: 4.3 to 85 PSI
  • Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 2 3/4 in (120 x 80 x 70 mm)
  • Weight: 6 lbs

Low Flow Chlorinator - How to Use

  1. Install the D14WL chlorinator in your water line.
  2. Connect the chlorinator to a source of chlorine.
  3. Set the chlorine injection rate to the desired level.
  4. Turn on the water supply and the D14WL will begin to dose chlorine into the water.

Low Flow Chlorinator - Maintenance

The D14WL chlorinator requires little maintenance. To clean the chlorinator, simply remove the lid and wipe down the internal components with a soft cloth. The chlorinator should also be inspected regularly for leaks.

Learn more about maintenance or check out this spotlight video.

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