Chemical Dilution Dispensers for Car Washes

Cut your cost-per-car with Dosatron’s chemical dilution dispensers.

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Monty Rast | Color Point | Granville, IL 

"Chemistry is a critical and important part of our process. Our Dosatron Pumps have a lengthy track record of consistent and reliable performance."

Bill Proestler | Kube-Pak | Allentown, NJ

"Dosatron chemical injectors provide customer satisfaction with their hassle-free operation and consistency. Dosatron's accurate injection has saved us 25 - 30% on polishes and I'm not dealing with plugged orifices."

Dave Hail | Mister Car Wash | Tucson, AZ

"Dosatron is one of Mister Car Wash's preferred dispensing pumps of choice with over 1,000 units in operation throughout our 105 plus locations nationwide. It allows us the variability to dilute our chemistry up to a ratio of 1500:1."

Ron Pickett | CARisma Wash | Houston, TX

"Dosatron injectors are simple, consistent and dependable, but what really sealed the deal was the excellent after-sales support. Ever since our first purchase, Dosatron has been on-site several times to train our lead personnel. Thanks to Dosatron's expertise, we've been able to reduce chemical and water consumption, which helped our bottom line."

Scott Bartlett | Scrub-A-Dub Car Wash 

"Just a note to let you know how satisfied I am with the performance of all the Dosatron pumps I am using. I have over 30 in operation right now and they need little or no attention at all."

John Agnew | Breeze Thru Car Wash

"I used Dosatrons at our first carwash and liked them. For the second wash I tried Hydraflex but it was too unreliable, complex, and expensive! I went back to Dosatrons for our third carwash and I am very pleased with the cost, reliability, and ease of use."