Car Washing

The transport sector is in full evolution: new energies, new technologies, new modes of use with the consequence of an increase in the number of vehicles circulating daily.

Whether for aesthetic, regulatory, environmental, hygiene, service quality, company visibility or user/user expectations reasons, all these vehicles or means of transport must be regularly washed.

As long as water is used in the cleaning process, its quality (conductivity, hardness etc...), the performance of the washing additives (detergents, waxes, drying agents etc...) and the performance of the dosage of these additives in the water are essential to guarantee the expected result.

A pioneer in proportional dosing without electricity, Dosatron technology meets the requirements of today's various washing technologies (tunnel, gantry, high pressure and manual washing). Thanks to its simplicity of installation and use, ease and low maintenance cost, as well as compatibility with most of the additives used on the market, DOSATRON technology contributes to optimising operating costs, in a context where they are a major decision-making criterion in the design and use of installations.


  • Washing tunnel
  • High pressure washing
  • Washing gantry
  • Courtesy wash