Fruit & vegetable production

Produce better. Nowadays, in a particularly complex and difficult context of multiple regulatory constraints, the main focus is on the quality and reliability of production. Split and rational management of conventional or organic inputs is one of the major possibilities that allows us to comply with these strict criteria of environmental regulations.

The dosing solutions we develop and propose are perfectly in line with these objectives. DOSATRON offers a wide range of specific hydraulic dosing pumps operating without electricity, allowing to work on irrigation areas from 10 l/h to 90 000 l/h, under operating pressures from 0.15 bar to 10 bar. In addition, you have multiple dosage options from 0.03% to 25% as well as many other options. The distribution of our products is ensured by a network of specialized partners, technically trained in our models by numerous seminars and have all the possible information to bring you the best possible advice.


  • Fertigation
  • Acidification
  • Plant protection treatments
  • Network maintenance
  • Soil disinfection