SmartDosing+ | Innovative management of your treatments

The SmartDosing+ includes :

  • The very last generation of our Animal Health Line hydraulic dosing pump : the D25AL5N, equiped with sensors.
  • The patented Dosatron monitoring module, managed by a microprocessor and associated to a pulse water meter allowing a double control of water consumtion as well as a diagnosis of the proper functioning of the dosing pump.
  • The SmartDosing+ to computer cable (USB port).
  • The SmartLink+ software, allowing you to track and analyse your treatment data, to feed your breeding book and ensure the proper operation of your dosing pump.

#1 - Unboxing

#2 - Assembling

#3 - Typical installation

#4 - Getting started & configuration

#5 - First use

#6 - Connectivity

#7 - Installing the SmartLink+ soft

#8 - Indentification