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Inventor of the metering pump - archive
Jean Cloup, inventor of the water-powered, non-electric proportional dosing pump (1986)

A Dosing Pump Manufacturer

Dosatron develops, manufactures and distributes a unique technology of non-electric proportional dosing pumps for continuous and proportional injection and mixing of liquid or soluble concentrate in water.

Our water-driven dosing pumps are used by professionals in the animal health, irrigation, water treatment, industrial, food and hygiene sectors in more than 100 countries.

Dosatron, inventor of the water-powered proportional dosing system

The concept of the water-powered, non-electric proportional dosing system was born in 1974 in France.

Philippe Cloup, a veterinarian, and his brother Jean, an engineer, came up with this unique process. Based on the principle that a sick farm animal no longer eats but continues to drink, Philippe Cloup and his brother Jean Cloup designed an automatic syringe to mix the treatments into the drinking water and thus treat farm animals more automatically and accurately.

Dosatron today

The spirit of the family business lives on today.
Dosatron has employees who have been with the company for more than 20, 30 or 40 years, passing on the history of Dosatron and their expertise to the new generations who have joined the company more recently. Today, Dosatron has more than 120 employees based at its site in Tresses (Bordeaux, France) but also in distribution offices around the world.

Expertise developed for 5 markets

Thanks to the permanent contact maintained with its distribution partners and the users of its hydro-motor dosing pumps for almost 50 years, Dosatron has developed its expertise in each of their fields of activity. This led to develop dosing pump lines that meet the needs of the animal health, irrigation, water treatment, industrial and hygiene and food sectors.

Assembly of a dosing pump - archive
Archive - Assembly of a Dosatron dosing pump at the end of the 70's

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