NEW D9 WATER LINE Off-Road: Simple dosing, Off-Road

DOSATRON®, the inventor and world leader in electricity-free proportional dosing pumps since 1974, is launching the DOSATRON® D9 Water Line Off-Road dosing pump (WATER TREATMENT application).

Description Of The Product And Its Innovative Benefits


DOSATRON® is pleased to announce the official launch of its latest dosing pump, the D9 Water Line Off Road (D9WL) pump, a hydro-motor proportional dosing unit designed to meet the diverse needs of chlorination, network cleaning and water treatment in isolated locations without access to electricity. 


The D9WL offers exceptional versatility, suitable for water purification, network disinfection, process water, REUSE and wastewater treatment. As the successor to the D8WL, the D9 Water Line offers significant improvements: 

Flow rate range extended to 9m3, with injection rates from 0.15 l/h to 450 l/h.


  • Proportional dosing over a pressure range of 0.3 to 8 bar. 

  • Adjustment range extended to 0.2% for the D9WL3000. 

  • Simplified maintenance without tools, thanks to a new motor with fewer parts, none of them metal. 

  • A 5% version is available. 


Key benefits of the D9 Water Line include autonomous operation without electricity, reliable dosing despite variations in flow and pressure, simple installation without the need for electrical skills, rapid on-site maintenance, and exceptional resistance to water, splashes and dust. 


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