Flowering is a real challenge for optimizing the environmental quality of our current and future living spaces. The development of our green cities with eco-parks, climatic green roofs and walls, market gardening terraces can only be achieved by mastering all the elements of their life cycles.

Whether it is a landscape professional, an architect or a green space manager in local authorities, all know that sustainable flowering implies on the one hand the control of watering but also a perfect knowledge of the fertilizers to be applied and the appropriate treatments to be carried out.

A DOSATRON proportional hydraulic dosing unit, installed in a fixed station on a drip irrigation network, or mobile on an irrigation tank truck, optimizes the application of fertilizers to beds, suspensions, flowered roundabouts, plant walls,...

The precise dosage because it is directly proportional to the volume of water used, the ability to modify the setting at any time and to simply change the product, are undeniable assets in your eco-management. The realization of an automated watering network with fertilization, brings you a simple, fast, economical and dynamic use.

On the other hand, in non-agricultural areas such as municipalities or residential areas, the control of invasive weeds is a necessity for primary safety reasons.

Reducing traffic lights, ensuring the visibility of signs, avoiding slippery sidewalks are just a few examples. More and more, reasoned and differentiated management is essential for a better protection of our living space. The application of good practices in public spaces, along railways, within industrial areas, is becoming as much a political as an economic necessity.


  • Fertigation
  • Plant protection treatments
  • Network maintenance
  • Acidification