Graphic Industry

Despite a strong trend towards digitalisation, media such as promotional printed matter, newspapers, magazines, books or packaging persist and require printing.

Even if digital printing offers flexibility and speed in the preparation and printing phases, naturally adapted to low-volume printing, offset technology remains predominant for medium and large series.

From the preparation of water for use in machines (softening, re-mineralization, pH regulation, addition of wetting agents) to the processing of paper (incorporation of silicone), the dosing operations determine the final quality of the printing and the efficiency of the process.

For more than 45 years, Dosatron technology has provided a highly technical response to your dosing needs throughout the graphic chain. Insensitive to pressure and flow variations in the water network, Dosatron dispensers guarantee precision and repeatability for dosing operations while offering many advantages that contribute to process optimization (ease of implementation and adjustment of the dosage, self-priming, compatible with viscous additives, etc.). ).


  • Injection of wetting agents
  • Mineral dosing
  • Dosing of silicones