Sud Ouest Eco - 12/2020 (France)

Sudouesteco - Dosatron

A good year for the leader in dosing pumps

The crisis did not affect the manufacturer of water-powered dosing pumps based at Tresses. Its turnover should increase this year.

"It was inconceivable for us to stop the business," says Patrick Amaré, Managing Director of Dosatron.

On 17 March, within 48 hours, this world-leading manufacturer of proportional dosing pumps without electricity switched its entire workforce, with the exception of production, to teleworking. It is to be repeated this autumn. This agility boots the motivation of this innovative french company, set up in Tresses near Bordeaux. It trades with 100 countries and employs 110 people. If the year keeps its promises, Patrick Amaré hopes, the turnover should grow in double figures to reach more than 40 million. A performance for this Gironde-based company which will have gained market share in the international economic storm. "And without resorting to part-time unemployment," emphasizes its boss.

In this small-sized company, it is a question of flexibility, production rigour and innovation. At Tresses, about thirty expert operators assemble the components of four ranges of pumps (700 references) intended for animal health, water treatment, irrigation, hygiene and industry. Each pump that leaves the factory is a jewel of technology invented and tested in the company's own laboratories before being shipped. A reliability that the crisis has reinforced. Its manager, Patrick Amaré, confirms: "The partners who supply the simple parts of the products we assemble reopened for Dosatron during spring. There has been no interruption in production or delay in orders, and we export 90% of our products."

Corporate culture

The Gironde business unit owes this responsiveness to its corporate culture. Bought two times in three years by two American groups (Ingersoll Rand), the French "Petit Poucet" has above all developed social contract governance. "In 2018, in order to support our growth, we have given our employees a choice between three options: more temporary work, outsourcing of certain functions or a change to the 39-hour working week, paidfor 38 hours or so but with13 days of additional timeoff. Our employees votedunanimously for the thirdoption and our productivityincreased by 75-90%. It's awin-win situation," says the general manager. In eight years, the company has doubled its production.

The other strength that structures this manufacturer is its capacity for innovation, which is in its genes: its research and development department files three patents a year, monitors the slightest international counterfeit, and manages its intellectual property with great care. "Locally, we collaborate with research centres such as Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, Apesa and PolymerExpert. We keep a strategic eye on the evolution of standards in the countries, so that our products meet the new traceability requirements in advance. We translate our documentation into ten languages", explains the CEO. For the past four years, the company has also been organising its visibility on social networks, where videos on the maintenance of its products have been put online. And Dosatron, which has already reached paperless status, will not stop there. "We are launching a 30-year plan to become energy self-sufficient and environmentally responsible." A challenge within the reach of the company.

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