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With the developments in air transport the number of passengers is continually increasing.
Given the number of people potentially exposed, the health issues are even more important.

Water Intended for Human Consumption (Drinking Water) is particularly defined as any water, either as it is or after treatment, which is intended for drinking, cooking, food preparation or other domestic uses.

Management of the quality of drinking water provided onboard aircraft requires the implementation of measures from the airport to the aircraft.

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To meet the growth in traffic and the requirements of traditional, low cost and regional airlines Toulouse Blagnac Airport has started to consider the development of its installations with a view to the creation of a new Terminal.

It has been decided to create a re-chlorination point for supplying aircraft which land near this new 5 000m2 space. Our solution makes it possible to carry out continuous chlorination during the filling of tanks for supplying aircraft. The basic chlorine contact time to achieve optimum disinfection is observed as a result of the time required for filling the tank and the journey to the aircraft.

The DOSATRON proportional dosing pump is installed in bypass on the pipeline and operates using the urban mains water supply as the only energy source. The pressure and the flow activate the motor piston which in turn is connected to a dosing piston.
The disinfection additives are dosed proportionally, and continually injected with the water at the chosen dosage. The dose of concentrate is directly proportional to the volume of water passing through the pump, regardless of variations in the expected flow.





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