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D25+care 5% version

Innovative management of your treatments through drinking water

  • Security : monitor and secure your treatments in real-time thanks to the "event" and "incident" alarms : container empty, preventive maintenance, no water consumption, etc...
  • Optimization : optimize treatment duration and volumes using the history and water consumption test functions.
  • Traceability : follow up your treatment data and the proper functioning of your SmartDosing+ in just a few clicks, thanks to the SmartLink+ software.
  • Time saving : simplify your calculations, come back and renew your treatment tank just in time and avoid paper work using automatic digital reporting.

Connected to your computer, to your controller or installed stand-alone, the SmartDosing+ adapts to your breeding configuration and allows you to monitor in real-time all your treatments through drinking water.

You wish to follow up and secure treatments administrated to your animals ? Quality and traceability of treatments through drinking water are of interest to you ? We invite you to visit our dedicated website for additional information about the SmartDosing+ : presentation videos, press articles, testimonials, etc...

The SmartDosing+ (SD25AL5N) is based on D25AL5N dosing pump features.


1 - 5 % [1:100 – 1:20]
10 l/h - 2,5 m3/h
0,3 - 6 bar
0,1 - 125 l/h
~ 0,45 l
NTP-BSP 3/4'' M Ø 20x27mm
Food contact suitability
vf.svg Seals for additives up to pH 9

* The SmartDosing+ is available worldwide. Please contact us for more details about availability in your country.

The SmartDosing+ includes:

- The very last generation of our Animal Health Line hydraulic dosing pump : the D25AL5N, equiped with sensors.

- The patented Dosatron monitoring module, managed by a microprocessor and associated to a pulse water meter allowing a double control of water consumtion as well as a diagnosis of the proper functioning of the dosing pump.

- The SmartDosing+ to computer cable (USB port).

- The SmartLink+ software, allowing you to track and analyse your treatment data, to feed your breeding book and ensure the proper operation of your dosing pump.