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The D3 PVDF range of expert dosers meets the dosing needs for flow rates from 10 to 3,000 l/h.
It is characterized by:

  • An optimized design
  • Highly ergonomic dosage adjustment
  • The availability of micro and macro dosages
  • One injection at the exit
  • Kalrez seals and a PVDF housing adapted to the most aggressive chemistry


0,03 - 0,3 % [1:3000 – 1:333]
10 l/h - 3 m3/h
0,3 - 6 bar
0,003 - 9 l/h
~ 0,53 l
NPT-BSP 20x27 - 3/4"M
Hose : PTFE Ø 4x6 - Lg 1,75m
pvdf.svg PVDF housing for highly concentrated acids and other aggressive concentrates
vf.svg Seals for additives up to pH 9
af.svg Seals for alkaline additives
k.svg Seals for highly concentrated acids (>15%)
bp.svg (Integrated by-pass) system for manual activation of the additive suction (on) and stop (off)