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The high-flow dosing solution

The D30WL range of dosing pumps is specifically designed for high-flow drinking water, treatment and disinfection applications, and for networks up to 30 m3/h.

  • Materials and options adapted to water treatment additives
  • Operates without electricity
  • Allows fully proportional dosing, regardless of flow and pressure variations
  • Compatible with hard water
  • Maintenance without tools


0,003 - 0,03 % [1:30000 - 1:3000]
8000 - 30 000 l/h
0,5 - 6 bar
0,24 - 9 l/h
~ 0,53 l
Flange 3”, Thread NPT
af.svg Seals for alkaline additives
bp.svg (Integrated by-pass) system for manual activation of the additive suction (on) and stop (off)

How does it work ?

The D30WL is built up of :

  • A flow divider in the lower part (patented technology) which ensures a continuous flow division with a constant ratio of the input flow
  • A D3 dosing pump in the upper part ensuring the dosing of the desired additive, in proportion to the flow rate supplied by the flow divider

As all Dosatron dosing pumps, the dosing of the additive by the system as a whole is proportional to the volume of water, regardless of the variations in pressure and flow rate that may occur.

Our online calculator or our technical services will ensure the calculation of the parent mixture in the case of pre-dilutions.