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Système pour l'injection de polymères

The D25WL2 IE PO is an efficient and attractive solution for in-line polymer dosing, thanks to standard equipment adapted to viscous products, its external injection and its dynamic mixer.

  • Proportional dosing and without electricity
  • Proportionality dependent on water flow
  • Significant homogeneity


0,2 - 2 %
10 l/h - 2,5 m3/h
0,3 - 6 bar
0,02 l/h - 50 l/h
~ 0,45 l
NPT-BSP 3/4'' M Ø 20x27mm
vf.svg Seals for acidic additives
v.svg Kit for viscous additives recommended for more than 200 or 400 cPs (depending on model)
ie.svg External Injection
mixer.svg Dynamic Mixer
pvdf.svg PVDF housing for highly concentrated acids and other aggressive concentrates
k.svg Seals for highly concentrated acids (>15%)