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La Revue de l’alimentation animale #729 - 09/2019 (France)


Last June, DOSATRON participated in a Symposium on Water organised by the Vétalis Company.

The objective of this symposium was to propose, among other things, training courses on:
- Water: a major issue that is often overlooked,
- Water treatment in breeding,
- The dosing pump: a means of administration by drinking water,
- The effervescent pebble: a collective and controlled supplementation via drinking water.

DOSATRON provided its expertise in proportional dosing without electricity for animal health applications in the presence of specialist journalists and veterinarians.

As a follow-up to this symposium, Vétalis and Ocène presented a distribution cart developed together to facilitate the administration of effervescent micronutrient supplementation pebbles to pasture.

Read the article published in la revue de l’alimentation animale following this symposium