2021 Innovation Day

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On this Innovation Day, we asked Sébastien Furet, Purchasing and R&D Director, what innovation means at Dosatron:

What does Innovation at Dosatron represent? Can we still innovate today?

As a pioneer of this technology, we must constantly renew ourselves to adapt the technology to new needs.
I truly believe that this technology based on mechanical principles still has a definite potential for innovation, for several reasons: 

  • because it is still insufficiently known by engineers, even though the current development of the company tends to make it known;
  • because it is efficient and can still be improved by pushing back the limits of the dosages made, of the materials used, of energy efficiency; 
  • because innovating to find solutions that are simple for users is a task that requires constant rethinking.

Our recent developments for the treatment of drinking water, using hydraulic and mechanical controls proove it, and several patents have been registered. 
They make it possible to increase treatment capacities, to treat at lower rates than we could achieve up to now and to make the use of water disinfectants  safer (D30WL IE).

Today, doesn't innovation also involve CSR?

As industrialists, we have a real desire to be responsible, which is not new. We conduct our research by promoting eco-design, i.e. by choosing our design solutions and materials by assessing their environmental impact, while guaranteeing greater technicality, robustness and quality.
This approach, initiated a few years ago, is having an increasing impact on the engineers of the future. Our team is already highly aware of these environmental issues and is implementing increasingly sophisticated calculation tools to assess impacts throughout the value creation chain, from production to end of life.
Our corporate environmental policy promotes this awareness and we ask our engineers to promote the repairability and recyclability of our products.
Being responsible also means innovating with our suppliers, with whom we build long-term relationships, in a responsible purchasing approach that tends to encourage the sharing of knowledge during development. We try to integrate them as early as possible in our developments.

What about the development of new lines of dosing pumps specialised in the Animal Health, Irrigation, Water Treatment and Hygiene markets? Do they require a lot of innovation to be adapted and be more expert in their application?

It's absolutely necessary. We believe that part of our business also needs products that make it possible to secure and limit the use of inputs necessary for animal health or food hygiene and safety.
For example, compliance with the most stringent standards in terms of feedstuff, requires us to adapt our designs and laboratory qualifications.
The development of innovative solutions for traceability and treatment monitoring is part of a more complex mechatronic approach to solutions for critical and safety applications. The first developments in animal health and those to come on other markets provide us with an important field of development. We will have to wait a little longer to discover these next innovations!

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