Customer / Type of customer

Reischtett geothermal drilling site - FRANCE (67)

Issue / Need

FONROCHE Géothermie drills deep geothermal boreholes that produce a large volume of drilling mud (free from cuttings).

In order to improve its environmental footprint, Fonroche Géothermie decided to implement a solid waste disposal solution as opposed to the liquid mud currently produced by its drilling operations.

This drilling mud has complex physical properties: high density, high pH, high dry matter content and very low settleability.

The implemented solution involved:

  • Breaking down the mixture by adding ferric chloride,
  • Flocculating the contents before being transferred to the Geotube for dewatering.

Location of the project

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Approach used / Answer given

Once the process was established, they decided to use the following equipment:

  • A D3RE10 PVDF dosing pump with Kalrez seals, suitable for use in the extreme pH conditions associated
    with Ferric Chloride.
  • A D25WL2IEPO dosing pump for the flocculating agent, with an in-line DYNAMIC MIXER (DMIX).

The entire unit was installed (in partnership with Fonroche Géothermie and Environium) in a 20-foot container, which includes an additive storage section, a dilution section, an injection section and a testing section.