Water-powered dosing pumps

Dosatron conceives, manufactures and distributes several ranges of non-electric/water-powered dosing pumps allowing the continuous and proportional injection and mixing of a liquid or soluble concentrate into water – for applications in Animal Health, Irrigation, Industry, Water Treatment and Hygiene.

Irrigation | Quality dosing pumps for optimal crop growth

Thanks to homogeneous and proportional injection capacities, the non-electric and robust Dosatron dosing pumps foster better control of input quantities and can be integrated into all types of simple or automatable fertigation systems.

Water Treatment | Our non-electric Water Line dosing pumps help provide healthy and safe water for drinking water purification and water treatment applications

Dosatron dosing pumps are reliable, accurate, and simple to install, operate and maintain. The Water Line range, awarded with the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" label since 2021, also includes ACS and NSF certified dosing pumps.

Animal Health | Proportional and non-electric dosing solutions to administer treatments through drinking water, Food Contact Certification and traceability tools for all types of breeding farms

Dosatron contributes to improving Animal and Human Health with the development of performing dosing pumps for reliable and efficient administration of treatments through drinking water: vaccines, antibiotics, supplementation…

Industry | A range of proportional and robust dosing pumps to meet industrial requirements and standards

Our dosing pumps are designed to meet the needs of a variety of dosing operations, from dispensing cutting oil to injecting soap or silicone. We also offer an ATEX certified range for dosing in explosive environments.

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