D90 Green Line

D90 Green Line

Our Green Line product line has been extended with a new MEGA FLOW reference: the D90GL dosing pump, a system dedicated to very high flow rate dosing.

Thanks to its technological innovations, the D90GL05 is designed to operate with flow rates up to 90m3/h. It is intended for farmers of field crops (drip, pivots, reel machines), vegetables (drip, micro-sprinkler) and orchards (drip). This dosing unit is the ideal solution for a homogeneous and qualitative production.

This dosing pump was developed as part of an eco-design process in collaboration with the APESA*. Dosatron is committed to a global environmental protection policy and has taken specifc measures to limit this dosing pump’s negative impact on the environment, both during the design stage and throughout its service life.

*The APESA is a centre for applied research and risk management that supports companies in accelerating sustainable development.

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