D9WL - Simple Dosing Off-Road

For more than 45 years, DOSATRON has contributed to improving the performance of metering pumps by guaranteeing control of chemicals additives

Our scope of product is the result of collaborations between many users, operators, chemical manufacturers, project funders, NGOs, etc.

The D9WL adresses flow conditions from 500 l/h to 9 m3, and is currently available in three dosing versions : D9WL 0.03%, D9WL 2% and D9WL 5%. 
Many technical options are available to cover your application requirements.

What specific features ?

Designed for drinking water applications, treatment and disinfection of water, for networks up to 9 m3/h:

  • Water towers, small reservoirs and water kiosks.
  • Disinfection and maintenance of water networks.
  • Industrial and process water treatment.

What benefits ?

  • Autonomous operation without electricity.
  • Reliable and constant dosing whatever the variation of flow and pressure.
  • Installation and commissioning simple without electrical expertise.
  • Simple and quick maintenance, in situ.
  • Resistance to water, projections and dust.