Drinking Water Disinfection for Poultry

Always carry out a physico-chemical and bacteriological analysis before disinfecting your drinking water.

Depending on the results of the analysis, the following may be required :

  1. Water pre-treatment to ensure the effectiveness of the biocide used to disinfect the water : filtration, removal of iron and / or manganese, hardness reduction (softening), pH adjustment, etc..

  2. Water disinfection with various authorised biocides, in liquid or powder form, granules or tablets, pre-diluted in a mother solution before being dosed by a Dosatron WL (Water Line) dosing pump.

The Advantages of Dosatron Technology

Dosatron proportional dosing pumps guarantee the correct dosage of biocides (such as sodium or calcium hypochlorite, NaDCC, chlorine dioxides, peroxides and salt electrolysis products) regardless of the permanent variations in water pressure and water flow (due to animal random drinking behavior).

The non-electric Dosatron proportional dosing pumps operate under gravity pressure (header tanks), are self-priming (no loss of prime due to gases released by the biocides) and ensure that biocides are added to the drinking water under the best possible conditions.

They are easy to read and allow you to adjust the dosing percentage. They can be run empty (without additives) without any risk of damage or interrupting the water supply to the animals. They are also quick and easy to maintain. 

We also work closely with our partners from all over the world to hold regular technical seminars and develop specialised tools (Training materials on water treatment techniques and chlorination calculators).

Recommended Installation for Drinking Water Disinfection

poultry drinking water disinfection recommended installation

  1. Dosatron D3WL3000 or D9WL3000 Water Line range : Low dosage from 0.03% for low volume stock solutions of biocide lasting several weeks if necessary. Some commercial biocides can be dosed over 0.03% (300ppm) without pre dilution.
  2. 80 micron filter.
  3. Water meter.
  4. Pressure reducer.
  5. Bypass valves.
  6. 2 Valves or Taps (1 before / 1 after Dosatron) for cleafast priming / flushing / testing.
  7. Dilution tank

Tips for Installing, Using & Maintaining your Dosatron

  • Install a 300 micron filter before the dosing pump (80 microns for low flow installations).
  • Install an accurate water meter to monitor your water consumption.
  • Install the Dosatron in bypass on the water supply with 2 valves before and after the Dosatron.
    • 1 valve for clear water.
    • 1 valve for quick rinsing/priming/testing of the dosing pump.
  • Use a graduated mixing tank large enough to enable you to pre-dilute the biocide.
  • For chlorine dioxide, do not exceed 2000 ppm or 2g/l in the stock solution; anything above this concentration will be more chemically aggressive to certain materials.
  • When using sodium or calcium hypochlorite, ensure minimum contact time by injecting the biocide before the tank to maximise its bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect. (Hypochlorites become ineffective when the water pH is above 7.2).
  • For sodium or calcium hypochlorite with hard water, we recommand the Dosatron external injection option "IE".
    Do not exceed 10g/l active chlorine in the stock solution when pre-diluting (risk of rapid lime scale build-up with hard water).
  • Measure and adjust the biocide residual concentration at the end of the drinking lines several times a year. (comply with your local legislation regarding min & max residual concentration).
  • Test your water twice a year (winter / summer or dry season / rainy season) > Physico-chemical test (caution: minerals such as iron, manganese and high water pH can reduce the effectiveness of certain biocides) and bacteriological test (at the end of the drinking water line).
  • Remember to change the dosing pump injection seals at least once a year.
  • Stop water disinfection 24 hours before administering any non-compatible vaccinations and treatments.
  • Please contact us for the chemical compatibility of the additives used with the different Dosatron models (Additive Safety Data Sheet).

Recommended Dosing Pumps

Please contact us for the chemical compatibility of the additives used with the different Dosatron models (Additive Safety Data Sheet).
We should include the customised dosing pump information sheets (such as Eurotier digital sheets).

Dosing Sodium or Calcium Hypochlorite

Dosing Acidic Biocides

Dosing Salt Electrolysis Products