L’eau, l’industrie, les nuisances (#417 - 12/2018)

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Dosatron has been designing and manufacturing for 40 years, systems for electricity-free dosing used in many fields, including waste water and sludge treatment. Installed on a hydraulic network, the dosing unit operates without electrical power: it uses water pressure as a driving force. Once powered, it sucks in the concentrated product, the dose at the selected percentage and homogenizes it with the moving water in its mixing chamber.

The dosage of the product is carried out continuously, rigorously proportional to the volume of water flowing through the dispenser, regardless of the variations in pressure and flow rate of the network. The Water Line product line has a system dedicated to polymer dosage. The dosing pump allows the dilution of the emulsion from 0.2 to 2% of the water flow through it (flow rate between 10 and 2,500 l/h). The dynamic mixer facilitates emulsion inversion. This technology, easy to install, use and maintain, does not require electricity and allows an optimal consumption of liquid polymers. It is self-starting despite the viscosity of the chemistry and simplifies the start-up phases. In addition, its maintenance is carried out without tools. It is also a system that lends itself easily to a cart installation for mobile applications.


Used in water tank chlorination and disinfection, the Dosatron technology is based on a hydraulic motor pump activated by the pressure and the flow of the water. Installed directly on the water supply line, the Dosatron operates by using the water flow as a source of energy: the pressure and flow of the water moves the motor piston which is itself connected to a dosing piston. Chlorine or other disinfection chemicals are proportionally dosed and continuously injected with water at the chosen dosage. The dose of concentrated product is directly proportional to the volume of water flowing through the Dosatron, independently of the variations in flow rate and pressure of the supply in water from the network. This historical concept developed in 1974 is now available for the first time with the certifications of sanitary conformity ACS and NSF. The available range will be extended at the beginning of 2019 with this new product capable of dosing chemical products up to 30 m3. Finally, a solution to measure a higher concentration of sodium hypochlorite in order to avoid calcification of the dosing part of the pump, is also available as an option.

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