Use of the Dosatron ATEX range in risk environments.

Volkswagen Osnabrück GmbH now uses a new ATEX-compliant proportional dosing unit for the dosing of new solvents without VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the paint shop. It operates without electricity, supporting Volkswagen's sustainable development goals.

To flush its paint systems after each use or color change, VW now uses water-miscible solvents without VOCs as a rinsing agent. Since the new rinsing product is used as a 1.5% solution, a dosing unit is required that not only meets the precision dosing requirements, but also is suitable for use in ATEX zones. The company found what it was looking for with a solution from LDT Dosiertechnik GmbH.

The "Dosatron ATEX proportional type D3IL2VFK" is activated only by water and does not require any electrical power. This also makes the dosing unit more cost-effective and reduces energy costs. Existing water lines can be used during installation of the new dosing pump.

Water pressure drives a volumetric hydraulic motor, which independently draws in the product to be dosed and mixes it with water. The dosing accuracy is not affected by fluctuations in flow rate and pressure."

Dosatron is the best solution to clean your paint pipeline network in the automotive industry. With his ATEX range, it will be easy to dose your COV. It’s useless to set up an electric dosing pump with his water counter, as well as the necessary protections in ATEX area.

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