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Customer / Type of customer

Ile Charlemagne Leisure Centre
Orléans Métropole- FRANCE

Issue / Need

In 2019, Orléans launched a project to redevelop the Île Charlemagne leisure centre’s lake, with the aim of cleaning up a large part of the sediment that has accumulated there. For technical and environmental reasons, they opted for a hydraulic dewatering system using a self-propelled barge and land-based sediment dewatering.

The selected dewatering technique involves the use of dewatering tubes, which allows the extracted sludge to be processed at a high ow rate (100-150 m3/h) with the lowest possible level of re-suspension in the lake.

The dehydrated vases in TenCateGéotube® will be reused after drying for the reconstitution of the reed beds planned as part of the redevelopment.
The high processing rates and the variations in dryness of the vases require the implementation of in-line flocculation with a rapid adaptation of the production of diluted flocculant.

Location of the project

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Approach used / Answer given

GEB Conseil was commissioned to implement the flocculation process and opted for a Dosatron system. It includes a D25WL2IEPO dosing pump, capable of pumping high viscosity liquids, paired with a DYNAMIC MIXER (DMIX), which quickly mixes the water/polymer solution.

This solution allows GEB Conseil to overcome the problem of a lengthy maturation time by using an ABS cabinet, which can be mounted directly on the pure flocculant injection unit.



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