Fertilizer dosing pumps - Water flow up to 30m3/h

What specific features for these dosing pumps ?

The high flow solution for irrigation

The D30GL fertilizer dosing pump range meets the needs of high flow treatment from 8 to 30 m3/h (maximum flow).
It can be used in irrigation for the following applications : Fertigation, plant protection treatments, network maintenance, acidification, direct injection and seed drills.

These irrigation injection pumps are characterized by:

  • Unique and patented intelligent flow division technology.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Proportional dosing and without electricity.
  • Dependent on water flow.
  • Integrated homogenization.
D30GL fertilizer injector operating principle

How do our D30GL fertilizer dosing pumps work?

Set up on the water network of your irrigation system the metering pump uses water pressure as the only driving force.

When activated, it sucks in the concentrated product, doses it to the desired percentage, then mixes it with the driving water. The solution is then sent downstream. The dose of fertilizer injected is always proportional to the volume of water flowing through the metering pump, regardless of variations in flow rate or system pressure.
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The dosage is adjusted by matching the top of the adjustment ring to the desired scale on the scale. The amount of product injected is proportional to the amount of water entering the dosing pump.

What environmental progress on our fertigation dosing pumps?

Since 2012, Dosatron has been implementing a genuine eco-design process as an extension of its ISO 14001 certification.

It is through this desire to offer a product leading to environmental improvement that the range of fertigation dosing pumps also benefits from this eco-design approach.

eco-designed fertigation dosing pumps

What is the best way to install my D30GL fertilizer dosing pump?

The dosing pump is delivered with a suction tube (cut it to the needed length) enabling its use with a large capacity concentrate container. The tube must be fitted with its strainer and weights.
The maximum suction height is 4 meters (13 vertical feet).
Fit the tube, equipped with its strainer and its weight, and immerse it in the concentrate solution to be injected.

To prolong the working life of your D30GL dosing pump it is advisable to install a filter (ex.: 200-120 mesh - 80-130 microns depending on your water quality) upstream.
This is imperative if the water contains impurities or particles, especially if the water comes from a well.

D30GL fertigation dosing pump installation

Fertilizer dosing pumps - Water flow up to 30m3/h