France - Water purification of reservoirs


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The Brivadois Water Management Syndicate

Issue / Need

The water sourced from the catchment basins of the Brivadois must be chlorinated for regulatory reasons at a rate of 0,3 ppm even when the reservoirs only serve a few dwellings. The syndicat de gestion des eaux du Brivadois (Brivadois Water Management Syndicate) operates in 80 municipalities in the North-West of the Haute Loire.

The operators guarantee the correct operation of the networks and the channelling of drinking water as far as the tap, ensuring continuity of service. They must have high quality water in sufficient quantities. They must control the status of collection and the reservoirs, repair possible leaks and maintain the pumps, taps and fittings until the water reaches the consumer. Above all they must combat the presence of bacteria daily in order to adhere to the regulatory challenges.

Location of the project

Method used / Answer provided

The numerous reservoirs to be controlled do not all have electricity, as electrification would to be too great an expense. Chlorination, placed upstream of the reservoirs, provides effective protection against the development of bacteria, protozoa, Escherichia coli, Guardia intestinalis, Cryptosporidium, etc. Our solution makes it possible to chlorinate the water sources before storage.Therefore the essential contact time with the chlorine to achieve optimum disinfection is respected.
The DOSATRON proportional dosing pumps are installed in bypass on the pipeline and operate using gravity feed as the only energy source.
The pressure and the flow activate the motor piston which in turn is connected to a dosing piston.The disinfection additives are dosed proportionally, and continually injected with the chosen dosing water. The dose of concentrate is directly proportional to the volume of water passing through the pump, regardless of variations in the collection flow.




Recommended dosing pumps

DOSATRON products certified by ACS meet the quality requirements set by the Public Health Code (CSP) transposing Directive n°98/83/CE of 3 November 1998 on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

The validity of a certificate can be checked by contacting the issuing laboratory, or by consulting the list of valid health attestations of conformity published by Groupe Carso laboratories.