Dosing pumps D25ALN for animal health medication

New D25+ Care 2% : Extended Range

The D25+ care range is reinforced with a new 2% reference, the D25AL2NVF.

The latest addition to the Dosatron range, the D25+care dosing pump is the new top-of-the-range generation of the D25 model, designed to enable the implementation of good practices and anticipate future standards and developments in animal husbandry, while respecting animal health. As such, this model has been designed to occupy the top segment versus the standard D25.

The benefits of D25AL2NVF :

  • Accurate, reliable and homogeneous dosing of treatments in drinking water
  • Certified suitable for Food Contact – safe for Animal and Human Health
  • Compatible with a wide range of treatments commonly used in Animal Health
  • Quick and easy to maintain