Fertigation dosing pumps - Water flow up to 90m3/h

Our Green Line product line has been extended with a new MEGA FLOW reference: the D90GL fertigation dosing pump, a system dedicated to very high flow rate dosing.
D90GL fertigation dosing pump operating principle

How do our D90GL fertigation dosing pumps work?

The only energy source required is the online use of the flow rate, no electricity or additional energy is required. No additional sophisticated equipment, a simple filter upstream and a non-return valve downstream are sufficient. In addition, the fertigation dosing pump is designed to manage the network filling phases and automatically restarts following the overflow of the water supply.

The dosage is adjusted by matching the top of the adjustment ring to the desired scale on the scale. The amount of product injected is proportional to the amount of water entering the dosing pump.


Thanks to its technological innovations, the D90GL fertigation dosing pump is designed to operate with flow rates up to 90m3/h. It is intended for farmers of field crops (drip, pivots, reel machines), vegetables (drip, micro-sprinkler) and orchards (drip). This dosing unit is the ideal solution for a homogeneous and qualitative production.

An environmental progress on our fertigation dosing pumps

Since 2012, Dosatron has been implementing a genuine eco-design process as an extension of its ISO 14001 certification.

It is through this desire to offer a product leading to environmental improvement that the range of fertigation dosing pumps also benefits from this eco-design approach.

eco-designed fertigation dosing pumps

What is the best way to install my D90GL fertigation dosing pump?

The fertigation dosing pump should be installed in a full hydraulic bypass.

An in-line installation is possible but not recommended because it does not enable the dosing pump to be easily isolated for maintenance (the water supply must be turned off). A by-pass installation enables the system to be supplied with clean mains water when the fertigation dosing pump is not operating and enables it to be easily dismantled.

To prolong your D90GL fertigation dosing pump service life, it should be fitted with an upstream filter (e.g. 200 to 120 mesh - 80 to 130 microns, depending on the quality of your water). This precaution is essential if the water contains impurities or particles, especially if the water comes from a well or if it is surface water. D90GL fertigation dosing pump installation

Fertigation dosing pump - Water flow up to 90m3/h