Install a Dosatron Chlorine Injection Pump

Setting up a Dosatron chlorinator is a simple task that can be done quite easily. By following these steps, you can effectively install your chlorinator and make sure it works correctly.

  1. Choosing Where to Install Your Dosatron Chlorinator
    Pick a suitable location close to your water source, making it easy to reach for future adjustments and maintenance. Keep in mind the rules about preventing water from flowing back and protecting the water source. Also, make sure the water flows in the direction shown by the arrows on the unit.
  2. Gathering Dosatron Tools and Components
    Before you start the installation, ensure you have all the necessary tools and components, including the Dosatron chlorinator unit, suction hose, injection check valve, mounting bracket, strainer, and any needed adapters. Remember to turn off the main water supply to the area where you'll be working.
  3. Installing a Dosatron Chlorine Injection Pump
    Take a moment to understand the different parts of the Dosatron chlorinator by referring to the manual you have been provided.

Chlorine Injection Pump Installation

To proceed with the installation, follow these steps:

  • Prepare the Water Supply Line
    Turn off the main water supply to the area where you will be working.
    Cut the water supply line at the chosen installation point. This is where the Dosatron unit will be inserted.
  • Connect the Dosatron Chlorinator
    Connect the suction hose to the unit, this hose will draw the chemical solution.
    Attach the injection check valve to prevent water from flowing back into the chemical container.
  • Insert the Dosatron Unit
    Next, locate the water supply line and cut it at the chosen installation point. Insert the Dosatron unit into the line and secure it using the recommended fittings and adapters.
    Finally, tighten all the connections using a wrench or pliers, ensuring everything is tight and leak-free.
  • Setting the Dosage Ratio
    Once the Dosatron chlorinator is installed and there are no leaks, it's time to set the dosage ratio. Follow the guidelines in the Dosatron manual to set the correct dosage ratio.The Dosatron operates based on water pressure, and the dosage will be proportional to the water volume entering the unit. Ensure you are using the correct percentage of concentrate as recommended by the manufacturer.

Using your Dosatron Chlorinator for the First Time

When starting the Dosatron for the first time, follow these steps for proper setup and operation.

  1. Begin by partially opening the water inlet valve.
    Press and hold the bleed button on the top of the Dosatron until a steady flow of water appears, indicating that air has been removed.
  2. Release the button, then slowly open the water inlet valve – the Dosatron is self-priming.
    Operate it until your intended product is visible in the doser body through the plastic tube.The Dosatron's distinctive "click-clack" noise indicates successful operation. Remember that the priming time depends on factors like flow-rate and tube length.
  3. Set the injection rate to maximum temporarily for efficient priming.
    The Dosatron is designed for fluids up to 104°F (40°C) and operates at pressures up to 85 PSI (6 bars). Protect against frost and excessive pressure risks, and size the installation to prevent water hammer

Safety Measures and Additional Information

The instructional manual is a valuable resource providing essential precautions and insights for a successful Dosatron water treatment installation.

  • Safety first
    During installation, operation, and maintenance of the Dosatron, safety should be the top priority. Utilize appropriate tools, wear protective clothing, and use eye protection. Exercise caution when handling hazardous substances.
  • Flow and Pressure Considerations
    Adjustments should be made when there is no pressure in the Dosatron to maintain optimal functioning.
  • Annual Replacement of Injection Seals
    To uphold precise dosing, injection seals should be replaced annually. This responsibility falls on the owner/operator to guarantee accurate and effective performance.
  • Choosing the Right Installation Location
    Select an easily accessible location for the Dosatron and concentrate container that does not pose pollution risks. Properly label water lines with appropriate warnings to ensure safety and compliance.

Adding in these insights into your installation process and maintenance routine is vital for the efficient and safe operation of your Dosatron chlorinator. By combining the provided steps, your understanding of Dosatron's technology, and the precautions from the manual, you establish a comprehensive approach to Dosatron care and usage.

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