High-Performance, High-Temperature Chemical Dosing for Demanding Applications


Last year, Dosatron introduced a new line of high-temperature chemical metering pumps, designed to deliver unmatched precision and reliability in challenging environments. With three distinct ranges (1:100 to 1:10, 1:200 to 1:20, and 1:3000 to 1:333), these pumps cater to a variety of dosing needs, ensuring accurate and consistent chemical injection even with water temperatures up to 158°F (60°C).

Leveraging the proven water-driven operation principle, Dosatron's high-temperature pumps incorporate key modifications for enhanced durability and longevity. The reinforced, spring-loaded piston flanges minimize expansion and contraction, crucial for maintaining operational tolerances in high-heat scenarios.

These pumps have already gained traction across diverse industries, including Food and Beverage, Carwash, and Metalworking. Customers are successfully injecting various concentrates like detergents, sodium hypochlorite, lactic acid, and caustic cleaners into their water lines with exceptional results.

To further optimize performance in high-temperature settings, Dosatron offers a dedicated high-temperature installation kit. This kit provides additional components specifically designed to ensure optimal functionality and safety in demanding thermal conditions.

Key benefits of Dosatron's high-temperature chemical metering pumps include:

·       Accurate and consistent dosing: Ensures proper chemical concentration even with fluctuating water temperatures.

·       Durable and reliable: Reinforced design and improved materials withstand demanding environments.

·       Versatile: Wide range of models and configurations to meet diverse application needs.

·       Cost-effective: Water-powered operation eliminates electrical costs and simplifies installation.

·       Safe and user-friendly: Proven technology and intuitive design prioritize safety and ease of use.

Contact us today to learn more about how Dosatron's high-temperature chemical metering pumps can elevate your operations and achieve optimal results, even in the most challenging environments.