Ensuring Responsible Purchasing

Purchasing at Dosatron

Since 2019, Solène Lorrain, Purchasing Manager at Dosatron, has implemented a Responsible Purchasing approach that is fully integrated into Dosatron's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

The idea for this approach emerged three years ago at a Responsible Purchasing forum attended by Solène Lorrain and is supported by Dosatron's CSR 2020 policy.

"Our purchasing strategy is based both on cost control and on our supplier partnerships. We rely solely on win-win partnerships. Humanising relationships as much as possible goes without saying, but it is also in Dosatron's DNA and history to be close to its business partners."

Caring communication and quality control of the relationship

Solène and her department are in constant contact with suppliers. Every year, the purchasing department sends turnover forecasts to its suppliers. This transparency of the contract gives them a vision of the year to come so that they can prepare from an economic and production point of view. The annual review with suppliers includes a review of quality, turnover and delivery and payment times.

Within the framework of our QHSE management system, the Purchasing department continuously monitors performance using indicators to manage risks with our suppliers.

"For example, we measure whether we pay our suppliers quickly enough and on time. We also measure the risks of reciprocal dependence, i.e. we don't want to depend on them and they don't want to depend on us, as this could jeopardise both our companies."

To this end, Solène and her team have defined a risk management process to deal with possible actions.

"On the other hand, if we wished to withdraw from a supplier, we would have to do so in advance and gradually in order to take into account the length of our relationship with the company and, if necessary, the degree of dependence, its possibilities of diversifying or adapting", adds Solène Lorrain.

Choosing quality and local suppliers

In addition to monitoring supplier relations, the purchasing department has set up a purchasing charter that defines a number of criteria for choosing suppliers. Thus, we evaluate economic competitiveness, the proximity of the company, our environment and our territorial life to support local trade. These criteria are in line with Dosatron's CSR policy.

To integrate a new supplier, the Purchasing Department applies a process that aims to validate the supplier's ability to meet Dosatron's expectations in terms of competitiveness, quality, supply chain management, innovation and social responsibility.

Responsible Purchasing Policy


Societal and Economic Commitment

  • Payment delays
  • Mutual dependence
  • Proximity
  • Competitiveness


  • Framework defined and regularly reviewed


  • CO2 impact
  • Reduction of cardboard consumption
  • Recycling


  • Upstream purchasing in innovation projects
  • Quality requirements

Supplier Selection

  • Established processes

Performance Monitoring

  • Established procurement organisation
  • Risk management
  • Annual reviews and regular monitoring

A "win-win" and efficient supplier relationship

"We also grow thanks to our suppliers, just as they can grow thanks to us," adds Solène Lorrain. Indeed, Dosatron also develops parts in close collaboration with certain suppliers, which also allows them to grow. This results in a better cost/time ratio.

The implementation of this new Responsible Purchasing policy has proved its worth and has already borne fruit in 2020 during the health crisis:

"During the first containment, a factory located in Marmande (90 km from the Dosatron site in south-west France) maintained a whole team to continue supplying and supporting us", says Solène Lorrain.

This demonstrates the reliability, strength and proximity of the relationship between Dosatron and its suppliers.

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