2019 International women's day

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Breeding is a family passion. My grandparents were farmers, my grandmother milked and cared for calves and my mother is in the para-agriculture. It is naturally that I have turned to a profession where I can contribute to the care of farm animals.

So I chose to work at Dosatron by providing advice on animal health, it is one of our market expertise. I am in constant contact with the breeders. I know how they work, I know their constraints, I can advise them on the best equipment adapted to their practices. I also train them, it is one of my favourite parts of the job because we can really provide them with a tool and practices that improve their daily lives and the health of their animals.

My daily motivation comes from this contact with breeders and animals and the passion that drives us all at Dosatron!

Concerning women in livestock farming, contrary to what we might think, they are very present and men know the value of women in this environment. Whether in dairy or above-ground farming, they recognize that women have a particular sensitivity to animals.

At Dosatron, we also have a good parity!

My message to women and men is to look at performance and competence in one person and not at gender. I am not necessarily in favour of parity but in favour of equal opportunities for performance.


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My mission at Dosatron allows me to develop a project from a concept to the market, it is very pleasant and rewarding! From an idea on paper, we finally see the product at the customer's premises. When the marketing brief is validated by the management, I determine if the idea is achievable or not based on Dosatron's know-how and the structural or fluidic calculation tools made available. If so, I propose a 3D concept, then the management validates or not its investment according to our technical means, the market potential etc...

Then, I manage the design of the new product within R&D (designers, prototype technicians for tests). Once we get closer to the specifications, I coordinate meetings with all the project stakeholders: purchasing, operational marketing, sales, communication departments... and finally I test the prototype in the field by accompanying the marketing. In our lab, we work with ideal conditions that are very different from the field conditions, so this step is very important to readjust the product!

Going out in the field is a part I love in my job, just like tradeshows. Talking with the end user is essential! As soon as I have the opportunity to create this link, I take it.

I also like to talk to suppliers to explain our objective, to refine certain manufacturing criteria for our parts so that they are 100% functional.

My position as a woman and an engineer in the industry was a little challenged at first. I was the only woman, it can be overwhelming, especially with little experience and the responsibility to decide on projects. Over time and experience, I have had the pride release dosing pumps that work, I have gained confidence and credibility!

My message to women is to be confident: we are able to carry out our duties just like men and to carry out our professional and personal lives successfully!


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In 15 years, I have seen my job evolve. At the beginning, my daily routine was mainly the validation of purchase proposals, checking that the goods were delivered on the scheduled date, and relaunching receipts. With the deployment of Dosatron in a large group in 2008, our production method has evolved, affecting our operating method: today, thanks to management adapted according to the type of components and partners (Kanban method, consignment -stock of parts from our suppliers available on site and paid for by consumption- or validation of proposals), we continuously adjust the stock to real needs. This requires a lot of reactivity and there is more exchange with suppliers. For almost two years, Eduarda has been joining me to share the work.

At the same time, I am part of the works council and I am also one of Dosatron's first aiders. My commitment to well-being at work and my attachment to my coworkers are essential components for me to work calmly. Moreover, my first customers are my coworkers in the Production et Sales Departments. I work to ensure that they have as little impact as possible in their own work and therefore the end-customer benefits as much.

At Dosatron, the supply and purchasing functions are rather feminine and include only one man out of five. I think our ability to move quickly from one task to another helps us a lot in this job!

What I wish for women on this Women's Day is to continue to express themselves and to believe in them!


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