The Reference to Mix Cutting Oil With Water

Discover the D3IL from our Industry Line, the reference for precise dosing of soluble machining fluid.

The D3IL is the best choice for the metal working industry, providing reliable dosing of cutting oil.

Installed on the water network, the Dosatron uses water pressure and flow driving force. It can dose the cutting oil directly into the machine tanks or in a centralized system supplying several machines.

Thanks to its precision and reliability, it will eliminate any risk of dosing mistake. Pressure, flow, temperature, suction height and viscosity variations have no influence on the dosing accuracy.

D3IL10 a Constant Concern for Quality

Material quality guarantee that metalworking engineer give them complete satisfaction to their technical requirements.

We pay special attention to select materials used in manufacturing the dispenser. We choose high quality and durable materials to ensure the reliability of the equipment. This selection makes it possible to optimize the performance of the dispenser and guarantee optimal dosing precision.

Then, we implement strict control procedures throughout the pump development process. We carry out tests at every stage to ensure product compliance with the highest quality standards. This includes rigorous quality controls on all doser components. We will perform full functional tests once we complete the assembly.

We consider the quality of the dispenser for each step of manufacturing. This answer to the needs of metalworking professionals The selection of materials and the strict control procedures provide reliable performance, durability and optimal dosing precision.

The Advantages of this Model

  • Maximum effectiveness of soluble cutting oil.
  • Reliable and constant dosage.
  • Optimization of water and soluble oil consumption.
  • Easy to Install – plug & play.
  • Compatible with all soluble oil containers (IBC, 200l drum, etc.).

Some Additional Benefits of D3IL10

  • It optimizes water and soluble oil consumption, which reduces operating costs: tools life / machines corosion / parts quality / operator skin disease / wastewater treatments.
  • Insensitive to variations in pressure, flow rate, temperature, suction height, and viscosity.
  • Manufactured with high quality materials and designed to be durable.

The D3IL10, the model suitable for machining

  • Its emulsifying washer gives you a better emulsion.
  • Its 2.75m hose instead of 1.5m can fit all containers.
  • Its standard viscous kit allows precise dosing despite variations in viscosity because of ambient temperatures.
  • Its Viton (VF) seals are compatible with all soluble cutting oils.
  • Its graduated scale from 1 to 10% allows high dosage fillings and low dosage tank top up.

If you're unsure if your model is compatible with your soluble oil, feel free to reach out to us.