D14MZ10 Coolant Mixer, Our Solution for Efficient Coolant Mixing

Upgrade your operations with the D14MZ10 Coolant Mixer and experience the difference of efficient coolant mixing.

What is Coolant and Why is it Important in the Metalworking Industry?

Coolant, also known as cutting fluid, plays a crucial role in various machining and metalworking processes. It serves as a lubricant and coolant, reducing friction and heat generation during cutting operations. This translates to smoother finishes, longer tool life, and enhanced machining accuracy. Additionally, coolant helps flush away chips and debris, preventing clogging and corrosion.

In metalworking shops, coolant mixers are used for precise mixing of water with metalworking fluids and coolants. Traditionally, coolant mixers are designed either with a needle valve or using a set of mixing jets. Both these designs have several flaws such as cumbersome and time-consuming adjustment, too many parts, and being prone to blockage. They also bring up concerns around durability.

Can a Coolant Mixer Be Used for Different Types of Coolants and Fluids?

Yes, coolant mixers are designed to be versatile and can be used with a variety of coolants and fluids. They are adjustable and can be calibrated to ensure precise mixing ratios for optimum efficiency, regardless of the type of coolant or fluid being used.

Introducing the Dosatron D14MZ10 Coolant Mixer:

The Dosatron D14MZ10 is a robust and reliable coolant mixer pump designed for precise and consistent mixing of coolant concentrate with water. Optimized for industrial applications, this model offers several benefits:

Precise and Consistent:

Utilizes a patented hydro-proportioning technology for accurate and repeatable ratios, ensuring optimal coolant performance. Offers a wide dosing range from 1% to 10%, catering to diversified needs. Ensures consistent mixing regardless of water pressure fluctuations.

Reliable and Durable Design:

Made with high-quality materials for exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. Features a corrosion-resistant construction for extended service life in demanding environments. Minimal maintenance requirements ensure consistent operation with minimal downtime.

Easy Installation and Operation:

Compact and lightweight for straightforward installation and integration. Simple operation with intuitive controls and adjustable settings. Requires no external power source, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Further Advantages:

Eliminates the need for manual pre-mixing, improving process efficiency and accuracy. Reduces coolant waste and improves cost-effectiveness. Promotes a safer work environment by minimizing airborne contaminants, as well as slip-and-fall accidents and dermatitis, a common and uncomfortable skin irritation.

D14MZ10: The Right Choice for Your Coolant Mixing Needs:

With its unmatched precision, reliability, and user-friendly design, the Dosatron D14MZ10 Coolant Mixer pump is an ideal solution for various industrial applications. It guarantees consistent coolant performance, fosters optimal machining outcomes, and improves efficiency in your workshop.

Specifications of the Dosatron D14MZ10 Coolant Mixer Pump:

  • Connection Size: 3/4" NPT
  • Percentage Range: 1 to 10%
  • Ounces Per Gallon Range: 1.280 to 12.800
  • Flow: 0.05 to 14 GPM (0.19 to 50 LPM)
  • Pressure: 7 to 85 PSI
  • Ratio Range: 1:100 to 1:10


The Dosatron D14MZ10 Coolant Mixer is backed by a one-year warranty.

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