Porc mag #545 - 09/2019 (France)

Dosatron - porc mag sept 2019 image

Dosatron has upgraded its SmartDosing connected dosing pump.

It now includes new functions such as: possible connection to the livestock PC with real-time reading of treatments, configuration of water circuits and rooms to be treated, integration of phases / volumes of priming of water circuits by room, configuration of alarms (no water consumption, pump stop...) or a blank test function allowing, the day before a vaccination, to record the exact volume of water consumed over a given period of the day (average: 4 to 6 hours for pig vaccinations).

In addition, SmartLink, its data processing and associated treatment monitoring software, is now equipped with an integrated medication calculation tool (calculation of stock solution based on dosage, body weight, water consumption, etc.).

Finally, a new tool allows an analysis of the treatments performed by dates, bands, types, name or reason for the treatment, by room treated, etc. (exportable data).

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