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Wastewater Treatment a global issue

Worldwide, wastewater treatment is the number one public health issue.
Wastewater treatment system is the set of processes aimed at cleaning up wastewater before it is returned to the natural environment or reused (clean water).
The objective of water treatment is to reduce the impact of wastewater on the environment.
Our dosing pumps for wastewater treatment contribute to the efficiency of the treatment performance of the installations.

Why use a metering pump for Wastewater Treatment ?

  • No electricity (energy saving).
  • Easy dosage adjustment (in %).
  • Good precision.
  • Self priming and efficient mixing.
  • Optimal water and polymer consumption.
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance time.
  • Low-cost service and installation.
  • Security : if the water flow stops, the polymer dosing stops automatically.

Metering pumps for Sludge dewatering and Wastewater Flocculation

Traditional preparation of liquid polymer is carried out by means of integrated inline dosing systems based on an electric pump (peristaltic pump, diaphragm pump) which sometimes includes mixers and other options.

With Dosatron, reliable dosing & mixing regardless water flow & pressure variations have been integrated in an efficient & compact technology. 

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Some recommendations for a good use of our pumps

  • Check the viscosity level indicated in the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of the polymer.
  • Reduce as much as possible the suction pipe length to limit the viscosity effect on the dosage.
  • A Dosatron Dynamic Mixer can be added after the wastewater pump to improve mixing (maxi water flow: 2.5 m3/h).
  • A maturation tank may be required after the metering pump specially for anionic polymers (see with your polymer supplier).
  • Protect the polymer from temperature changes.
  • For unstable polymers (particularly anionic polymers) an electric stirrer may be added into the liquid polymer drum.
  • Adjust the water flow level & the polymer dosing rate on the dosing pump to optimize the polymer efficiency.

Sludge Dewatering installation with our dosing pump

Sludge Dewatering Pump installation

Here, our Polymer Unit 1 [PU1] dosing pump with a special self cleaning valve is recommended for high viscosity anionic/cationic polymers to reduce the clogging risk & delay the pump cleaning.

Wastewater Flocculation installation with our dosing pump

Wastewater Flocculation Pump installation

Depending on the type and viscosity of the polymer: to be checked in the Chemical properties MSDS (contact us if in doubt).

Here again, our Polymer Unit 1 [PU1] dosing unit with a special self cleaning valve is recommended for high viscosity anionic/cationic polymers to reduce the clogging risk & delay the pump cleaning.

Our metering pump is useful for this application to make a dilution of polymer solution.

This dilution will allow the solid/liquid separation of the sludge of wastewater treatment plants increasing the dryness of this sludge.

Pump design will allow it to inject concentrated polymer and to mix it with the dilution water.

At the exit, the water / polymer solution will go through the Dosatron Dynamic mixer in order to homogenize the solution and allow the separation of the liquid and the solid thanks to the flocculation.

Once prepared, the sludge can be treated mechanically in order to extract a more or less important part of the water contained.

Our wastewater treatment pumps cans also meet your needs for these applications :

  • Cleaning of filter presses
  • Odour treatment

For all these treatment plant processes a specific wastewater pump of the Dosatron Water Line range is needed.