Making life better together – Ingersoll Rand Official Statement

As our businesses continue to grow and thrive as part of Ingersoll Rand, our brands are evolving. The next step in this evolution, as of today, is to endorse our brands as Ingersoll Rand businesses. This endorsement highlights the collective strength in the Ingersoll Rand portfolio as well as the long legacy of these individual, gold-standard brands.
Benefiting from over 160 years of experience, which comes from serving 100,000 industrial customers across 50 countries, being ‘an Ingersoll Rand business’ brings unparalleled value to our customers and markets.

This portfolio of industry-leading brands provide customers the most precise and innovative solutions in the market for monitoring, dosing and transfer of high-value fluids and gases. These solutions also deliver significant sustainability impact to clean energy, water, food and human health that makes life better for our society and planet.
Dosatron is proud to be an Ingersoll Rand business.


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